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About Us

Greeting from CEO

I moved to the USA in 1971, worked in the Japanese food industry and learned many new things. In 1989, we established Maruhana.

Since its formation, we attracted customers by seeing the trends and filling our customer's needs.

For over a quarter of a century, we have been making prompt decisions about new products in contrast to mayjor company by using techniques of efficiency,and Maruhana has been continued up and arrived to the present.

We currently supply over 12,000 different products and aim to be a company that can handle anything like a convenience strore.

Recently, the advancement of IT has proven remarkable. In the near future, robotic craft-workers will be increasingly used in all facets of production.

However, human resources for the production of food will never be replaced.

We believe that our prosperity is based on the customer's success.

We look forward to keeping a strong business relationship with you for many years to come.

Best Regards,

Katsumi Hanatani
CEO, Maruhana USA Corp

Company Information

Company Name: Maruhana USA Corp
CEO: Katsumi Hanatani
Date of establichment: 06.01.1989
Annual gross sales: $15,000,000.00

Career information

We are growing. Come join us at Maruhana
You can lead a happy life and have a rewarding career by using your skills!
"Isshokenmei", the Japanese word meaning "Doing your Best" will be what you are evaluated on.

We seek highl -motivated individuals willing to learn, train and help improve our business. Progress is our mission and to exceed the customers expectations.

Why don't you leverage your skills in sales, customer service or the warehouse? We can support your Visa.

If you are highly motivated, we will train.

Please send your resume to: mie@maruhanausa.com