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Frozen Foods

Frozen Seafood

Frozen Fish

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Marahana selects only the high quality frozen fish picked by experts. These products are perfect for sushi making.

Examples of fish include horse mackerel, conger eel, sweet shrimp, albacore, squid, salmon roe, eel, shrimp, crab, imitation crab, sand borer, mackerel, saury, scallop, sushi shrimp, salmon, soft shell crab, sea bream, tuna, flying fish roe, butterfly shrimp, yellowtail, collar of yellowtail, hock (okhotsk atka mackerel), capelin roe and so forth.

Prepared Frozen

Frozen Food

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Frozen foods, with numerous ways to prepare (fry, steam, bake) are easy and quick to prepare. These frozen foods retain their original flavors. We carry a varity of perfect frozen foods to Izakaya that taste professionally prepared as well as delicacies that only require defrosting.

Examples of frozen food include fried horse mackerel, atsuyaki tamago, ebiten (shrimp tempura), ebi fry (fried shrimp), edamame, seaweed salad, kakiage (mixed vegetable tempura), fried oyster, squid legs tempura, gyoza, croquette, shiokara, shumai (dumpling), sausage, fried octopus, Chinese-style wild vegetables, char siu pork (grilled pork), natto, spring rolls, etc.

Frozen Noodles

Frozen Noodles

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Even though frozen, the texture and chewiness of our udon and soba compare favorable with fresh. Ramen has become quite popular worldwide. For customers wanting something special, we accept custom requests for you can personalize your noodles to your exact specifications. Please feel free to ask.

Examples of noodles include Inaniwa udon, Shimada udon, Shinshuichi Nihon soba, and every style of ramen.

Frozen Sweets & Desserts Variety Frozen Foods

Ice Cream

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We have ice cream and mochi in single serving sizes, which customers enjoy. We also carry mochi ice cream from Japan, which combines the sweet flavor of ice cream with the rich but neutral flavors of mochi. We also carrry a variety of Japanese sweets or wagashi, that will make you feel like you're back home in Japan. Dango, Manju, Castella and Shiratama are just some of the offerings.

Examples include ice cream (business size), castella, chestnut manju, brown sugar manju, mochi ice cream(US/Japan), mitarashi dango, etc.